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What To Expect If You Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

It is an unfortunate fact of urban life that women are attacked in a sexual manner nearly every minute of every day. It is also a sad fact that many men have found themselves falsely accused of sexual assault, in many cases without much evidence against them, other than guilt by association. If this were to happen to you, would you know what to do next?

If you find yourself falsely accused of sexual assault, for any reason, you will need the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In Polk County, those accused of sexual assault frequently turn to Philip Averbuck for help, because he vigorously advocates their defense

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Reasons Behind the Accusations

Too often in the modern dating scene, liaisons are forged quickly, and do not always end well. There are times that regrets and embarrassment, especially when the whole thing was fueled by alcohol, lead to false charges being filed against an innocent man. In other cases, the parents of an underage girl may file statutory rape charges against a much older boyfriend, regardless of the fact that the sex between the two was consensual. In other documented cases, the mental health of the accuser was called into question, and it was never really clear as to whether the accused ever had a relationship with her.

Overworked law enforcement will often have only the accuser’s word to go on, and their investigations can be easily stymied by uncooperative defendants. Refusing to give up DNA samples may be thought of as defending yourself, but in the eyes of the law, may make you look more guilty than you actually are. If you are accused, the best thing that you can do to start your defense is to fully cooperate. Embarrassment aside, if you are innocent, should you not provide the means to exonerate yourself? The same goes for providing details of your personal life, because these charges are life-altering, and if you do not cooperate, you are only deepening their suspicion.

Defense Strategies

Sexual assault charges are the stuff of television courtroom drama, but the reality of it can be more invasive and personal than many defendants are prepared to handle. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney is key to getting you cleared of all charges, and keeping your identity out of the national sexual offender database, and out of jail.

Your full cooperation is necessary, no matter how embarrassing it may get. The chief defense in cases like this is to attack the accuser, and break down their account of your last sexual encounter. Your history with women will be brought to light, so if there is anything negative within it, your attorney needs to know. Your habits, emotional history and character will be attacked in turn, so be prepared for your sexual assault defense to take a very personal, and public turn.

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