Drug Offenses

What to Do if You Are Falsely Accused of Drug Possession

drug arrestIt happens more often than you might think. Someone is arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and it wasn’t his or hers! If you find yourself in this situation or a loved one is facing these charges, then it’s time to get the best attorney you can find. You should not have to spend time in jail or prison for something you didn’t do.

When you are arrested, you may feel helpless. Perhaps you are already on probation and you know that this will revoke it. If you are almost off of probation, you may feel that it’s just rather convenient that the officer found a controlled substance on you. In some cases, you know the officer planted the “stuff” on you and you may have no idea how to proceed. If this has happened to you, then it’s time to find an attorney that specializes in criminal defense law. You need a drug attorney that has a proven track record.

Drug possession penalties can be stiff. From fines to treatment programs to jail time, or even a combination of all three, you could find yourself in a load of trouble. A misdemeanor charge can seem minor enough but you may find there are other problems you hadn’t even thought of, such as loss of your driver's license. Many times, you can’t find a job with such a conviction and if you are facing a felony possession, it’s even more difficult.

For those that have been wrongly accused, the only recourse you will have is to fight those charges in court. You can’t do it yourself, not successfully anyway. An experienced attorney is the only way you even stand a chance of being cleared of the charges. This is especially true if you feel that officer misconduct was involved. Even though everyone knows guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, if you’re up against a crooked cop, that can change everything. Only an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney will have a real shot at proving your innocence.

One of the most powerful tools available to a criminal defense attorney is how to “suppress the evidence.” This means the attorney examines the evidence against you from every angle, looking for any that was obtained illegally. Once the evidence is suppressed, it can no longer be used against you. In most drug cases, this is how a charge is eventually dropped. However, it’s never easy to get a ruling like this ruling in your favor, especially here in Polk County. This is another reason why an experienced attorney is imperative.

In closing, you must find an experienced, aggressive attorney to fight your drug possession case. If not, you may face jail or prison time for something you didn’t do. Don’t trust your freedom to just any attorney. If you are facing drug possession charges, Philip Averbuck will provide the right defense for you.

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