Falsely Accused Of Attempted Murder?

False Arrest

Being accused of attempted murder is not a charge to be taken lightly, and if this happens to you, the first step you need to take is to hire the best criminal attorney you can find. The primary witness in cases like this is the victim themselves, and to be charged means that the victim or perhaps somebody else has identified you as the aggressor in the attack. This felony charge is defined as the intentional attack upon another with the express purpose of taking their life, but failed to succeed.

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What Happens Next?

If you have been charged with attempted murder, it does not matter if you believe yourself innocence of such charges, it is in your best interest to cooperate fully with the authorities. In cases of murder, bail may not be an option for you. If this is so, communicate this with the attorney, and they may mount an appeal at your arraignment. If the judge allows bail, it may be set at an amount that the average person would not be able to afford. If this happens, relax, cooperate, and keep the lines of communication open with the attorney.

In most cases of felony murder charges, the next step is either a grand jury hearing or an arraignment where you will be formally charged with the crime. When this happens, it is up to the presiding judge to determine if the state has enough evidence against you to warrant a trial. At this point, the attorney can appeal to the judge to allow bail, so that you can be released to aid him in formulating a defense against all charges. Even if bail is denied, as it may very well be, you still have the right to confer daily with the lawyer, even from jail. No one can deny you that right.

Formulating the Best Defense

The state must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you intentionally assaulted the victim, and planned to take his or her life. In order to charge you, they need to have evidence and witness statements placing you at the scene, and identifying you as the person who caused harm to the victim. Should the victim die, your charges could very well be upgraded to felony murder, or manslaughter at the least.

There are several kinds of defenses that the attorney can bring up: self-defense, insufficient evidence, factual innocence, and insanity. Give the attorney all the pertinent facts of the event, who did what, and any witnesses who could prove the state’s charges to be false. If you are innocent of attempted murder, with your help, a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to disprove the state’s contention, and set you free.

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