Family Law Is Complicated. Family Care Isn't.

Family Law Is Complicated. Family Care Isn't.

Talk to a compassionate attorney in Bartow, FL, serving Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL

During a separation, emotions are running high. It's easy to make decisions in the heat of the moment that you'll regret later. Philip Averbuck a family law attorney at The Averbuck Law Firm have years of experience helping clients in your situation.

Your family structure is changing. We can help you rebuild on a strong foundation. Call Philip Averbuck, an experienced family law attorney in Bartow, FL today at 863-533-9000.

why should you speak with a child custody attorney

Divorce can be frightening for kids. Their world is changing all around them. One of the biggest concerns is where they'll live. Working with an attorney experienced in child custody, time sharing, and child support is the best way to make your child's welfare a priority. The Averbuck Law Firm can:

  • Help you negotiate with your spouse or spouse's attorney
  • Advise you on the best way to get a favorable agreement
  • Work with you to present a professional appearance
If we can't avoid a trial, we'll fight aggressively for you and your child in court. Consult with an compassionate child custody attorney in Bartow, Florida today. We also serve clients in the Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL area.