As a member of the Florida Bar since 1995 and a former public defender, Philip Averbuck has distinguished himself as a hardworking and aggressive defense attorney. Working primarily in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties, he does the behind-the-scenes homework and prepares the strategic legal plan necessary to give his clients the best representation possible.

When you hire Philip Averbuck and The Averbuck Law Firm, you are joining forces with an attorney who is as interested in winning as you are, and who is willing to do the hard work that winning requires.

Polk County Criminal Defense Attorney with a Plan to Win

Polk County Criminal Defense Attorney with a Plan to Win

An experienced, aggressive attorney on your side

Attorney Philip Averbuck has represented clients in both criminal courts, handling all felonies and misdemeanor charges.

In the criminal court, Averbuck has aggressively represented clients accused of murder, narcotics, firearms violations, assault and battery, sexual and pornography cases, assault, probation violations (VOP), burglary and theft, child abuse or neglect, and white-collar crimes. He also does expungements or sealing of records and many bond hearings.

Drug cases and DUI's, including methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin charges, make up a significant portion of Averbuck's normal case load, and his experience in these areas has brought positive results for many past clients. If you are being charged with a DUI or drug case, you should call Averbuck now to plan a successful defense of your case.

For Philip Averbuck, part of his plan to win is a legal tool called the "motion to suppress." In suport of this motion, Averbuck examines every angle of the case to see if any of the evidence against his client was illegally obtained by the police. If so, he will work relentlessly to get the evidence suppressed by the judge, giving his client a stronger case, and often resulting in a "case dismissed."

Many defendants give up on their own case after hearing a negative assessment from just one attorney. Averbuck says: "Don't lose hope! Before you give up, please call me for a FREE second opinion." Averbuck offers flexible payment plans that have proven to be very affordable across the spectrum of his clients - call for a FREE consultation and estimate for your case. However, what's most important for you, the client, is that you get an aggressive and experienced attorney in your corner.

Visit Averbuck Law Firm's Polk County office in Bartow, Florida, at 113 E. Main Street, Suite 1, or call us at 863-533-9000 for a same-day appointment. Call from home. Make sure to call now to let Philip Averbuck put together your plan to win.