Protect Yourself and Your Family

Protect Yourself and Your Family

File a petition for a legal injunction in Lakeland and Bartow, FL

If you're leaving an abusive situation, you're probably worried for your safety. The Averbuck Law Firm can help you protect yourself with a legal injunction. Also known as a domestic violence injunction or a restraining order, this court order requires your abuser or harasser to cease all contact with you.

To successfully file a petition for a legal injunction in the Lakeland and Bartow, FL area, you must provide proof of their harmful behavior. We can help you create a solid case to bring before the judge. Call today to schedule a meeting.

How to get a restraining order in Bartow, Florida

If you feel that your physical safety is being threatened, call The Averbuck Law Firm right away. We'll work with you to build evidence that your harasser has:

  • Caused you or your children bodily harm
  • Been psychologically abusive
  • Threatened violence against you
A restraining order can prevent your abuser from stalking, threatening or hurting you. If someone violates a restraining order, they can be arrested and may serve jail time.

Learn more about getting a restraining order in the Lakeland and Bartow, Florida area by calling 863-533-9000 now.